Gods of Olympus – Piety Mechanics for the Greek Pantheon


Brings the gods of Greek mythology to your campaign!


Featuring twenty four Olympian and Chthonic (Underworld) deities drawn from classical Greek mythology, Gods of Olympus is the ideal guide for DMs looking to inject a more active, meddling pantheon into their campaigns.

Building on the Piety system developed in Mythic Odysseys of Theros, this guide gives you everything you need to introduce the gods of the Greek pantheon into your game – including ideals, divine circumstances and unique Piety rewards for each one of the 24 deities listed in the book.

Will your players choose to outwit their enemies with the help of Hermes? Or perhaps they would rather crush them underfoot with the assistance of Ares? Or better still, maybe they will strike them down with the divine power of the almighty Zeus himself?

With Gods of Olympus, you can make your own myths and legends!

NOTE: At release, the book contains 24 deities, however if the guide proves popular (perhaps enough to earn a metal rank or two…) I plan to write a free update that will introduce additional deities – starting with the infamous Titans. Feel free to leave requests in the comments below (though I can’t guarantee they’ll be picked!).