Mutants & Masterminds 3e – Condition Cards, Single Pack (Image Variety)

These cards represent all of the Conditions that can be inflicted upon the characters (or even NPCs if you like.) It makes it easier to see which characters are being affected by various conditions, especially when they begin to stack up. As conditions are applied, just place a card on the table as a reference for the character it is affecting.

This serves as an easy reference, not only of which conditions are affecting your character, but for the GM to easily keep track of who has which conditions applied. The cards each have a full explanation of how the condition limits the character’s actions or abilities and even has a number value in the top left of the card to denote the severity level of the condition. This often comes in handy for applying a progression of conditions over time, or when different severity levels are required based on power type or successes rolled in that power’s use.

This deck is a single set of 40 cards (including multiple copies of the “Injured” condition) for a player to use for their character. The images are different for each card. Images may be slightly different than shown based on printer colors and cutting of the cards.

I hope you enjoy the deck and find it as useful as I do in my games!

Card Fronts

Card Backs

Close up detail of cards

This product is produced by Warrior Poet Endeavors and is priced at $9.99


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