Test Subjects

Are you brave enough to explore the Boston underground? This 21-page exploratory sandbox scenario pits 1920s Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Investigators against a hidden foe. What will happen when a job in a newspaper advertisement leads to strange places? Will you feed your curiosity with only an electric torch to light your way? Will you seek help from locals? Will you flee? 

This scenario features:

-Options for the Keeper for how adversaries react

-A complete array of seven easy-to-print player handouts

-Playtest notes

-Organizational tools to help the Keeper run the scenario

-Keeper notes to help new Keepers

-Info on Locations not often used in Call of Cthulhu scenarios

-Weird Tech!

FAQ: Can the time period and locations be changed?

Absolutely! Although written to highlight some 1920s history of certain locations, this can be changed to suit any locations the Keeper is familiar with and would like to showcase. The time setting is also changeable. It could be 1890s and not affect the history of the specific locations presented, although some landmarks aren’t built until specific dates. It could also be Modern. Being underground in Modern would work very well,¬†because without satellite signals underground, it just adds the question of tech dependency to the experience!

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $3.00


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