The Crossbuck: A Modern Dive Bar

Bar Overview

Atmosphere: Dive bar
Main Clientele: Boozers, losers, & other questionable characters
Max Capacity: 80
Extras: Two pool tables, karaoke machine
Price Point: Low
Staff: 8
Reputation: Poor
Activity Level: Busy on weekends, steady on weekdays

In addition to the 11 page pdf each purchase of The Crossbuck: A Modern Dive Bar includes a zip flie containing JPEGs of: 

  • 8 staff member portraits (330x330p)
  • 10 portraits of regulars (330x330p)
  • 1 annotated map with a key
  • 1 unannotated map
  • A menu, ready to be printed and used as a handout

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This product is produced by Pink Dice Bag Publishing and is priced at $2.99


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