The Curse of Dudleytown

In 1811, a small group of people travel to the gloomy community of Dudleytown in Cornwall, Connecticut, which seems to stand in the perpetual shadow of the mountains near it.  Each of them has their own reasons for visiting the tiny community, but they soon find that rumors of a curse over the plateau upon which Dudleytown stands are more dangerous than they ever imagined.  Will they be able to escape from the curse that haunts the stone-walled fields of Dudleytown … or will it destroy them all?  Be careful where you step, for sometimes terrible things lurk just beneath your feet.

The Curse of Dudleytown was originally written as a convention scenario but is detailed enough for home play.  The scenario for Call of Cthulhu is set in the fall of 1811.  With only a little modification it can be adapted to different times or places, for the curse lingers still.  It uses slightly modified Down Darker Trails character sheets though that supplement is not required for play. 

The Curse of Dudleytown  includes:

– A 32-page fully-illustrated scenario set in Cornwall, Connecticut,  in 1811 with information on the World and the United States, Connecticut, Litchfield County, Cornwall Town and communities therein, and Dudleytown and its inhabitants, as well as the final fate of the community.

– Seven black powder weapons of the era.

– Information on a unique mythos creature.

– Eight Non-Player Characters as well as stats for general townsfolk, cats, and the curse.

– Maps of Cornwall Town and Dudleytown in 1811.

– Four handouts.

– Two dozen NPC illustrations and six investigator portraits to share with the players.

– Six Pregenerated 1811 investigators.

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $6.99


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