The Grey Citadel: Temple of the Azure Eye (5e)

The Temple of the Azure Eye is a short lair-based adventure to be used in conjunction with the adventure module The Grey Citadel by Nathan Douglas Paul, available from Frog God Games.

The sleepy little community of Glitterburn Glen is so named because of the myriad of flakes of mica in the brook that babbles softly between the farms on its way to join the rushing River Eamon. The name itself should be a clue to the nature of the mineral deposits in the hills, where numerous springs feed the year-round fl ow of the brook. The farmers that live there are simple folk, and they have only one common building — a stone homestead that was willed to the collective ownership of the community — to call a public house. There, they gather in the evenings to chat, mend, and pass jugs of home-brewed mead and cider. No money is exchanged, and everyone brings what he or she can afford to toss in the stew pot, or a song and a tall tale. They are typical of the hardy, self-sufficient folk of Eamonvale, but they are completely unaware of the dangerous creature that dwells just beyond their grazing flocks.

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