The Harlotville Horror

It’s 1929 and, with the Hobbs Strike of last year, it’s time to go looking for oil again.  As employees of the Northwest Refining Company, you’ve been tasked with following up on some college professor’s clues that there might be a good deal of oil under the Plains of San Augustine.  But there are a few unanswered questions.  For instance, why is a vice-president of the company organizing the whole operation instead of one of the managers?  And why did he bring his secretary?  No one knows what happened to the ghost town of Harlotville nearly 75 years ago, but you’re only going to be about 20 miles from civilization so nothing could really go wrong, could it?

The Harlotville Horror was originally written as a convention scenario but is detailed enough for home play.  The scenario for Call of Cthulhu is set in the summer of 1929.  With only a little modification it can be adapted to different times or places.  If the horror that lingers in Harlotville is not defeated or destroyed by the investigators, perhaps someone else is up to the task. 

The Harlotville Horror  includes:

– A 25-page fully-illustrated and deadly scenario set in the Plains of San Augustine, New Mexico, with information on the state, Catron and Socorro Counties, the plains, some of the surrounding towns and communities, the Midwest Refining Company, oil in New Mexico, and methods for finding oil.

– A new magical tome, magical item, and spell.

– Information on a unique mythos creature that has never before appeared in a Call of Cthulhu product.

– Non-player characters, creatures, and animals likely to be found on the Plains of San Augustine.

– Maps of Western New Mexico, Harlotville, and the brothel there, including blank maps for the players.

– Four handouts.

– Six Pregenerated investigators.

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $5.99


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