The Storm’s Impending Rage

Goblins are pillaging farmsteads; bandits are attacking caravans; and Baron Wrymslayer’s forces are already stretched too thin. A call to arms has been issued for the brave and the cunning to rid this upstart Baron’s lands of these villains and sons of darkness.

The Storm’s Impending Rage is a sandbox adventure for starting characters, levels 1-3, though there are many places in the area where low level characters can find themselves in over their heads.! It is the first adventure in the Upon the Face of the Deep campaign, a loosely connected collection of advetures set against the backdrop of the rise of the New Cult of the Old Gods. 

The Storm’s Impending Rage is set in the Rosewood Highlands near the Free City of Jacob’s Well, and the adventure uses Swords & Wizards in the Highlands, an S&W rules variant (not yet available) but it is fully compatible with most Old School rulesets based on the World’s First Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

This product is produced by Rosethrone Publishing and is priced at $3.99


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