Update from Me

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The first set I created is Dwarven NPCs. Eventually I plan on having all the playable races completed and when that happens I’ll release an anthology of all the races in a single document. Then if that is successful I’ll write up NPCs with monster traits; such as Orcs, Goblinoids, Merfolk, Lizardfolk, etc… 

Apart from racial modifications I’m also writing up Villain statblocks in a similar fashion. Each Villain will have a unique statblock by modifying an existing NPC statblock with racial changes as well as adding Feats, altering equipment, and other simple changes to make the villains truly villainous.

As always I continue to draw maps. I’ve recently been drawing on 12×18 paper instead of the small paper I was using before so expect bigger and more detailed maps to be released. 

I appreciate your patronage and thank you for your time reading this update. Without you none of this would be possible. 

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