Winners of the

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Huge thanks to everyone for pitching in with some wild suggestions. I wish I could pick them all! Alas, we can only do three. 

Without any further ado, here’s the three winning entries:

Bone Eater (20 Likes)

“Bone Eater…. An undead creature that can be small to huge that starts out small and kill creatures to take their bones to add to its own body and slowly gets more powerful and has more varied abilities(depending on what it absorbs).” by Xiahouscream

9-Tails Kitsune (15 Likes)

“9 tails Kitsune that has a different spell attached to each tail like a beholder’s eyes!” from Illeleana

Land Octopus (14 Likes)

“A Land octopus.  It hides itself in woods and gardens using bushes and leaves.” from John Wesker


I’m handing these descriptions over to Nacho now. Keep an eye out as they get released throughout the month.

Again, thanks everyone! This was fun!


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