XD12 Superhero System

Super Action!  Super Thrills!  Super Adventure!

Take on the role of a COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO fighting legions of nefarious criminals, monsters, and supervillains!  YOU create the hero YOU want to play with a simple, yet comprehensive ruleset that allows for a wide variety of character archetypes and customization!  The XD12 SUPERHERO SYSTEM uses unique and easy game mechanics to resolve character tasks and combat so players and referees can focus on saving the day!

Characters in continuing campaigns will be able to develop and improve existing powers and abilities, or gain new ones, while garnering the admiration and respect of the people with rules for experience and reputation!

The XD12 SUPERHERO SYSTEM includes all rules needed to create heroes and villains, a complete set of game rules, nine sample supervillains, a sample hero, a setting outline, rules for running (and improving) supervillains, a character sheet, and helpful tables for the referee.  In addition, each player and the referee will need a handful of twelve-sided dice, a couple of six-sided dice, writing instruments, scratch paper, a love for the superhero genre, and lots of imagination for hours of fun and excitement!  Get your copy today!

This product is produced by XD12 Games and is priced at $4.99


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