Afternoon Tea & Adventure: Six Victorian-Themed Subclasses

An unofficial D&D supplement featuring new subclasses with class! 


Harness your inventive mind to take to the skies as an Aeronaut Artificer.

Unleash your rage and rise up against the bourgeoisie as a Path of the Luddite Barbarian.

Forego armor and arms and get in a no-holds-barred, bare-knuckle brawl as the Pugilist Fighter.

Become an exemplar of elegance and sophistication as a Way of Gentility Monk.

Delve into the dark side of medicine and unleash your inner demon as an Alter Ego Rogue.

Reap the benefits of your noble ancestry as an Imperial Bloodline Sorcerer.

Six new subclasses, all with a Victorian-theme but still suitable for most campaigns.

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