Cirle of the Ocean – Druid Subclass

The ocean is a diverse, powerful habitat that encompasses the majority of planet. But what determines which ecosystems, which habitats exist in various locations? The answer is flow, the currents that swirl about the entire ocean.

This circle of the ocean harnesses that power and utilizes spells unique various habitats in the ocean. With this subclass, become a powerful druid that controls the flow of the battle and embodies the might of the ocean. This product also contains a few aquatic beasts that an ocean druid could wilshape into.

This subclass was created by Daniel Yim. It was created from the perspective of a marine biologist but its contents should not be taken as scientific fact. As always these homebrew creations have not been subject to rigorous playtesting. Daniel Yim can be found @RoarlikeThunder on Twitter.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.50


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