Dragon Relics (Fantasy Grounds)




Now fully coded for Fantasy Grounds Classic & Unity!

The Devourer Awakens
A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign for characters from 1st to 12th level

When a cloud giant castle comes tumbling from the sky right into the characters’ path, they are confronted with the horrifying realisation that an ancient blue dragon named Rah-Ziel the Devourer has woken from his centuries of slumber, and is making his presence known once again in Faerûn.

After Hrungnir, king of the cloud giants reaches out to the characters for assistance, they are tasked with tracking down four dragon relics – powerful items made from the bones of a bronze dragon that are the Realms’ only hope to defeat Rah-Ziel.

Content Warnings
Several potentially triggering subjects are touched on throughout Dragon Relics.
Chapter 1. Animal Distress (Horse)
Chapter 3. Enchantment Magic (Rakshasa, Vampire)
Chapter 4. Slavery, Desecration of the Dead/Tombs
Chapter 6. Loss of Agency, Religious Persecution, Torture
Chapter 7. Slavery
Appendixes. Genocide, Oppression, Slavery



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