Kraken Corpse Delve: A Dungeon Age Adventure (5e and OSR versions)

Everyone says the world is dying. Today you meet a stranger who has already seen it happen. She has traveled back through time to save the world…but only if you can save her!

An eldritch woman from the future begs you to save her from her sister, who wants to drag her back to her own time.

To close the time portal, you must climb down through the buried corpse of a kraken. The prize? A giant diamond worth 10,000 GP…if you can pull it out of the portal!

ADVENTURE TYPE: Exploration / One-Shot / Dungeon Delve / Low Level


Read the narrative of one early play test of this adventure: 


This adventure is intended for low-level characters (1-3). It is primarily geared for exploration and combat, with a handful of social encounters.

It runs 3 to 5 hours.

Players will explore the (mostly) dead corpse of an enormous kraken, proceeding down through its limbs and organs to find the time portal and retrieve the huge diamond. Bizarre creatures and magical items can be found throughout.

There are a few NPCs to encounter.

NOTE: This adventure was written first for 5e and then converted into an OSR version. In the OSR version, you will find (a very few) 5e-isms and artifacts.  

INCLUDES: DM notes, room descriptions, NPC notes, dialogue prompts, stat blocks (now with descriptions!), original creatures and treasures, and maps.

KEYWORDS: kraken, dungeon delve, time travel, time portal, cosmic horror, eldritch horror, tentacles, mutations, parasites, underwater, dreams, nightmares, night terrors, future, one shot

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