Lightning Rail Part. 2

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We had so many requests for extra lightning rail carriages that we decided to return to this theme. Like the original set, all of the trains have transparent backgrounds so you can move them along tracks or place them wherever you like!

We’ve added a set of carriage rooftops so that now you can run across them and duck under passing bridges, defend the train from assaulting dragons. Or get picked off…

We’ve also added a slew of different cargo cars which means there’s more loot to steal or defend from train robbers.

For the nobles amongst you we’ve added some new deluxe carriages, perhaps they need a party to defend them against the rabble boarding in the common sleeper carriages. As well as hospital cars, warforged transports, mail sorting cars, new couchette variations with more space for fighting and a train mounted grand cannon.

Lastly we’ve made two new engines, one which is a Wild West style steam engine and one which is a British Victorian style steam engine. Just in case you find yourself in the Wild West or a more Steampunk-y setting. (*cough* apparently Peku added a third engine…).

We plan to release a Lightning Rail Station battlemap soon so that you’ve got some more tracks and destinations for your trains. Keep an eye out for that! 

If people are interested in more, we could build several different styles of stations to match different eras and locales. And maybe a pack of modular lightning rail and regular tracks to mix and match. Let us know in the comments or on the Discord. :3

Grab the map files below:

Lightning Rail Part. 2 – $1 Rewards

Lightning Rail Part. 2 – $3 Rewards

Lightning Rail Part. 2 – $5 Rewards

See the variation lineup below:


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