Rider Konchu

Rider Konchu is a hack of the Henshin! A Sentai RPG system, allowing players to tell their own unique stories inspired by the Kamen Rider franchise! 

In Rider, instead of working together as a team, players compete with & against each other to gain Gear and attain their final form, by using one of six newly created playbooks (The Rider, The Rival, The Rogue, The Best Friend, The Reporter or The Hacker). This is all done by taking a series of Turns, to either Add Tokens to a Shared Pool, which sets up dynamic interpersonal scenes or Take Tokens, which can lead to bombastic action! Each playbook is uniquely designed to effect the game and other players in a myriad of ways which means no two games will be the same! Alongside the new playbooks, the game also introduces new mechanics like collectible gear, a game clock and more!

This is a must have game for any Tokusatsu fan whose every wanted to create their own Rider concepts.

This PDF includes all 6 playbooks, instructions on how to play & how to narrate a game, a Monster creation table and all Gear Cards needed for play. Please note that while this is a hack of Henshin! A Sentai RPG system, however, it is not required to have played Henshin! before. 

This product is produced by Cave of Monsters Games and is priced at $10.00


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