Sharn Tradefair Market (26×30)

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On the western edge you’ll find the building of the marketplace owner, a man of influence and power which most probably shouldn’t live down on this level, but he saw his business opportunity and built this extension to the middle plateau of the city of Sharn. 

Here’s a [26×30]-grid marketplace map from the outer edge of Sharn, barely connected to the middle plateau going east. It’s probably not too accurate, as this map was partly an experiment. I decided to check if I could do a map without lineart, started out very blocky and quite a lot of randomness made it into the form and shape it ended. It looks like it could be from Sky City (except the water coming from above this and the sandy ground), so I decided it’s more fitting down by the middle plateau. 

The perspective is quite interesting though, but I’m not too satisfied with the overall look and feel… I find myself missing the lines. This style was a test to see if it could save me some time, make thing a bit more “rough”. In the end I still had to work a whole lot on it as I wasn’t satisfied for a while. So I’ll probably not continue with this style going forward. 

Have any comments? Feel free to jump into the Discord Server to talk about the map, or down below in the comments 🙂

Lowres (70DPI), VTT-versions (140DPI) and HD-versions (300DPI) are available. Although (I’m considering cutting out the 300DPI versions for the future, as I see 140 DPI should be sufficient even on prints. But please come on Discord and mention why that would be bad if you have any objections!)

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(+ 1 variant which is a bit toned down version of the bottom right one)


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