The Amulet of Greyveil – Hero Kids One-Page Solo/Co-Op Adventure

Instead of running the game as a GM, join in the fun and play as a hero with the kids! This one-page system allows 1 – 3 heroes to fight their way through a random dungeon and collect powerful treasures. It introduces a simple process for monster activation, so everyone can battle the game system together.

This Pay What You Want product is an introductory playtest versiion of Mike Petty’s One-Page Adventure system. Since the rules and charts all do fit on a single page, the rules are condensed. This is a fully playable adventure (with links to printable maps and treasure cards), but it doesn’t have all examples and detailed clarifications.

If this looks interesting and you want to see more, check out Mike’s other adventure, Escape From Skull Isle. It includes an expanded edition of the rules plus many more printable resources to enjoy the game.

This product requires the Hero Kids Fantasy Role-Playing Game core rulebook for the standdard Hero Kids rules and monsters. 

This product is produced by Hero Forge Games and is priced at $0.50


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