The Cold Iron Legion and the Writhing Forest


“At the edge of civilized lands there lies the Writhing Forest, grown from ancient, sylvan seeds planted by the hands of a malign fey lord. In the shadows of its boughs, time and space are warped, and its denizens grow twisted and malevolent. These supernatural creatures plague the surrounding landscape, and in their wake the blackened blighted roots of the forest infect the conquered soil…”
Ebethan Game Designs is pleased to present one of our larger supplements: A lore- and game-play expansion featuring a new faction, a location with unique effects and rules, 9 NPCs, 7 monsters, 4 diseases, and 5 environmental hazards.
Based on tropes of dark or malevolent forest seen across all mediums of pop-culture, we hope to inspire a little fear of the woods in your players…