Zuilin’s Window Tabber for FGU

Easily Cycle Between Windows in Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU)!

* This is a Fantasy Grounds Unity Extension. Do not download if you do you do not use Fantasy Grounds Unity.* 

  • Do you have trouble managing all those windows in Fantasy Grounds?
  • Can’t find a window you’re looking for because it’s buried behind the map, and a character sheet, and … and …?
  • Need a quick way to “tab” between windows in FGU?
  • Want to use hotkeys to tab between windows?

Zuilin’s Window Tabber for FGU solves all these problems!

  • This extension gives you an unobtrusive Previous / Next control to use for cycling between open windows in FGU.
  • Don’t like the Previous / Next buttons? Use the slash commands /prev_window and /next_window and drag them to the hotkey bar!
  • Use F-keys to tab between windows!

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.99


This is an affiliate post