A Misplaced Prince

This adventure  is the first one designed to use “Overland Travel in the Silk Road Setting for Glory Road Roleplay or OSR/D20,”  That is a collection of random tables of encounters for different locations, linked to descriptions and stat blocks for the encounters. It does cost a dollar but having it there allowed me to make this and future modules in this setting, shorter and less expensive and it can be used for any adventure on the Silk Road. It could also be used for adventures in a similar environment. And it includes piranhakeets, which are worth the price of admission.

This adventure is meant for four to six or so characters that have done some adventuring. Characters who have been through the Blue Pool adventure would be ideal. Advancement differs from campaign to campaign but I think that the characters who went through that adventure would be from third to fifth level, maybe higher, depending in part on how many of the side trips the party made. Some characters might be replaced by new recruits. This adventure could fit between the Blue Pool adventure and The Spire in the Hills, which has proven a very tough set of tasks for characters with only the Blue Pool behind them. Taking some characters from “20 Pregenerated Characters for Glory Road Roleplay in the Silk Road Setting” and promoting them to third level would be useful for filling out the party or even creating a party from scratch

This product is produced by Bill Reich and is priced at $1.00


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