A Wondrous Class: The Wyrd

Wyrds are a unique class found within the world of Rizen because of the world’s unique history and association with fate. Five divine entities known as the Arbiters of the Kismet, the beings who both created and oversaw the forces of fate and destiny, chose to sacrifice themselves to preserve existence against a deranged deity who sought to end existence and start over. After their sacrifice, the essence of fate was scattered throughout the cosmos, drawn into the souls of mortal creatures, thereby instilling each creature with dominion over their own personal fate.

Thus, a new magic was born called fate magic. While many people’s control over fate magic is limited, seen only in the power of their free will to determine their path and use that sheer force of will to persevere, those who study the art of the wyrd are able to go beyond and tap into this fate magic to manipulate the energies and reality in and around themselves. Wyrds do not typically worship deities but instead believe in the Kismet Within, the power to control destiny with the use of willpower. They believe that we are only limited by the boundaries we place on ourselves, and those within the wyrdic tradition strive to push past those mortal boundaries. To do so, they utilize both symbols and incantations in tandem to invoke the Kismet Within and make their will a reality.

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