Eberron Confidential


Eberron Confidential 
Everyone’s hiding something! What’s a secret you’ve never shared? Are you hiding an aberrant dragonmark? Were you kicked out of Arcanix? Were you actually raised by gnolls? Or are you [REDACTED]?

In Eberron Confidential, setting creator Keith Baker presents a host of secrets for DMs and players to enjoy. Each secret provides a unique connection to the world of Eberron, an intriguing story hook for the DM to explore, a minor mechanical benefit, and unlimited roleplay potential.

Eberron Confidential includes the following… 
  • 54 character secrets, ready to be printed out and distributed as player handouts. 
  • Tips for Dungeon Masters to integrate each secret into a campaign. 
  • Options for introducing secrets to your players, whether at character creation or during an ongoing campaign.
  • Ideas for using rumors to add drama to party dynamics. 
  • Tables for quickly generating NPC secrets whenever you need them.
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