FA Still Hiring! + General Update!

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As you know our “hiring call” was a great success and we’ve official welcomed Joe into our team at the beginning of this month!

We’ve seen a little bit of confusion about this part, as many people assumed they missed their opportunity because we already picked Joe to join us.  We wanted to make sure to clear things up and clarify that the FA HIRING IS STILL OPEN and we still have 1 more spot open!  

Hiring is open for as long as you can see the “Hiring” tab on our website:

We will remove this page once the hiring closes.

However, we received a lot of applications which ignored our criteria from the website –

  • Ability to work in Clip Studio Paint.
  • Ability to create assets, tokens, textures, and/or battlemaps in the Forgotten Adventures style & Attach or link examples of your art mimicking FA Artstyle!

Majority of  applications we received unfortunately didn’t contain any examples mimicking our artstyle.

To further clarify what we are lookin for:

We are looking for a “perfect fit”; someone who would be ready to go from day 1.  We do not want to go through any extensive training periods. We are a small team where each individual has a lot of creative control, so we are looking for a partner, not an employee. Because of this, we are also looking for someone who is interested in doing this long-term.

Like mentioned on our hiring page, we do all of our art and maps in CSP. Therefor our new hire must be proficient with the software and prepared to create all work in CSP, as we also share the “Clip” files with our higher tier patrons.

We cant fully evaluate your application unless it contains examples of art mimicking FA Style. Consistency is very important to us so your assets should be pretty much indistinguishable from our existing ones.

Most of applicants claimed to be confident in ability to recreate the style, but we need to rely on “hard evidence” as we unfortunately didn’t have a great experience with similar claims in the past.

We recently released a poll about future long term FA projects. The most voted for project was overland mapping assets. This is a future project, and as of right now we have not nailed down what the style for these will be. If you have experience or interest in overland assets you can also include examples of such in your application in addition to the standard requirements.

I hope this reasoning makes sense, we take this process very seriously and want to find the right person for the job!

That’s why we are in no rush to fill this position, please only apply if you understand and agree with the points made above πŸ™‚

Thank you!

2. General Update

2.1 Expansion and Future Projects Update:

First of all, Thank you all who voted in the poll yesterday (for those who didn’t, please do! it’s gonna stay open for a while ^_^ ) your insights and feedback is very helpful πŸ™‚

Even though it was mentioned in the yesterdays post, it’s worth repeating that Assets and Tokens will always be our main focus, and we have no plans to change that.

The Expansion/Future Project ideas are basically some of our “passion projects” we would like to realize at some point. It’s a bit for the sake of our own sanity πŸ˜€ As working on the same thing over and over can be exhausting at times and burnout can come quite quickly even when you love what you do.  A little bit of change of focus once in a while is very helpful in that regard πŸ™‚ 

2.2 Creature Token Packs Update!

You guys probably know that we are providing tokens for the 5e SRD compendium in Foundry VTT.

Starting from this month, until April 2021, we will aim to release 2 New Creature Token Packs each Month. Trying to get as many 5e SRD Creatures done as we can ^_^

We have over 190 SRD creatures to go, over 40 of which are Huge/Gargantuan, so realistically, we probably wont be able to finish all of them by April, but we will do our best to finish the majority!  

We’ve categorized all of the missing SRD Creatures by CR on our Trello Board if you would like to check what are we going to be working on for yourself. We will continue going by CR with occasional higher CR or even Non-SRD creatures appearing in some packs, as we’ve done so far. 

Which meaaans… Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe some FA Dragons appearing sooon?  wink wink πŸ˜‰

Huge thanks to Atropos ( Creator of Foundry VTT ) who is generously sponsoring this Creature Tokens Push ^_^ 

We know that not all of you use our Tokens. We are planning to maintain the usual schedule of 4-5 releases a month so the remaining 2-3 Releases will be a mix of Assets, Tiles, Textures, Battlemaps & Brushes as usual ^_^



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