Five Torches Deep: Stealth

Ideal for groups that focus on heists, assassinations, and other stealth missions. Keep up the spirit of old-school adjudication with updated, clear mechanics for subterfuge. 

FTD: Stealth has subsystems for:

  • Infiltrations
  • New approaches to “stealth”
  • Poisons, garb, and underhanded sundries
  • The new Infiltrator archetype
  • 18 new stealth-centric spells
  • Details and guidelines for GMs running stealth missions

Designed for Five Torches Deep but compatible with any classic six-stat adventure game. FTD: Stealth clarifies much of the ambiguity in stealth mechanics, gives a reason for the party to stick together during a heist, and leverages a new push-your-luck Infiltration system including six ability-specific approaches to stealth, stealth kills, and a ticking clock to being caught.

This product is produced by Sigil Stone Publishing and is priced at $4.00


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