Horror Investigation Game Music Pack

This pack contains 10 tracks for your RPG sessions featuring horror, exploration, investigation, suspense, and fight music, all mostly suitable for a horror and/or investigative game. On the top of that, I made some loops out of the longer songs, so that you can use only one specific section if that suits your game better.

My main inspiration for this project were:
– books from H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe
– board games such as Arkham Horror, Escape the Dark Castle, Mansions of Madness
– video games such as Resident Evil, Darkest Dungeon, Sunless Sea

If you would like to hire me to compose custom music for you, or to provide feedback, you can find me on most social medias.

Chthonic Island (full, loop 1, loop 2) [2:10]
Away From Reality (full, loop 1, loop 2) [2:17]
Chaos Plane (full) [3:39]
Daggers Unleashed (full) [0:55]
Face the Truth (full, loop 1, loop 2) [2:37]
Gluttunous Swarm (full) [2:58]
Illogical Path (full, loop 1, loop 2) [1:54]
Pondering (full, loop 1, loop 2, loop 3, loop 4) [5:34]
Revelation (full, loop 1) [2:22]
Strange Land (full, loop 1, loop 2) [2:35]

This product is produced by Flavio Traversa and is priced at $15.00


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