Hyperspace Animals – Starfinder Compatible

The Strangest Animals in the Universe

Maturing in the bizarre and unusual reealm of hyperspace, many animals have developed strange and peculiar capabilities beyond those of regular creatures.

Only the hardiest (or perhaps the most foolish) attempt to train these wily, energetic, loveable and often dangerous Hyperspace Animals as companion pets!

Hyperspace Animals are creatures like no other

Hyperspace Animals includes the following:

– Ten brand new hyperspace animal companion creatures, perfect for your players who want a wolpertinger of their very own!

– 4 hyperspace animals possessing antagonist stats, making unique new antagonists for your gaming group to go up against, including the starship-sized Giganto-Doggo!

– Fully-developed background lore to your new pets, perfect to give your enemies the depth they deserve to make them meaningful additions to your player’s stables.

– 2 brand new themes, specifically for animal-handlers!

– full integration with Cosmic Corgi’s in-house ‘Wants’ rules, allowing conflicts to be resolved without combat and giving you more choice and freedom in your play style!

This product is fully compatible with the Starfinder roleplaying game and can be easily modified to function with any other d20 or sci-fi gaming systems.

A Cosmic Corgi Production

This product is produced by Cosmic Corgi and is priced at $2.50


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