One of the fiercest most flavorful foes any adventurer can face, the dreaded death knight’s reputation is just as foreboding as its presence.

KNIGHTMARES brings you new material to create rich death knight villains for your campaign’s narrative and higher tier conflicts.  Develop intriguing backstories and powerful foes with this guide to one of the games most intimidating creatures.  Equip them with magic weapons and new mounts, then assemble an army.  Throw all that in one of eleven included lair maps, and you have yourself an incredible challenge for your players meet and overcome.

This 89-page supplement contains:

  • 11 variant death knight statblocks
    • Armored Automaton
    • Bloodless Berserker
    • Bone Warrior
    • Corruptor
    • Crushing Beguiler
    • Dread Pact Champion
    • Reanimator
    • Shadowreaper
    • Spectral Templar
    • Vampiric Tormentor
    • Witchknight
  • 11 lairs for your death knights to inhabit
    • Gothic Castle
    • Chateau
    • Fort
    • Palace
    • Tower
    • Twin Barbicans
    • Temple
    • Abandoned Cave
    • Cavern Fortress
    • Burial Grounds
    • Scrapyard
  • 11 example backstories using those statblocks
  • 11 named magic weapons for death knights to wield
  • 11 common magic items to add flavor to their past
  • 2 new magic armor pieces
  • 17 new creature statblocks, for use as the death knight’s minions
  • an undead army generator
  • 7 new mounts for your death knights to ride into battle.
    • Deathless Charger
    • Blackguard Swine
    • Mummified Steeder
    • Iron-plated Nightmare
    • Manticorpse
    • Subjugated Dragon Remains
    • Putrified Elk

35 new creature statblocks in all!

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