Let’s take the city back!

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It is time for a battle that will decide the fates of hundreds of residents in the kingdom’s capital. In this end game adventure, a dangerous brigand has taken over the city after successfully luring the city’s army to defend the farthest reaches of the kingdom’s territories. With a few scores of brave soldiers, Sir Darmus, the False Knight, took over the city walls and runs unchallenged within the city.

The ruling class and the absent-minded king are unsure how to tackle this problem. Their safe in their high towers but it will be days if not weeks until the army returns. And even when that happens, how can they re-enter the city? The fate of the city and the realm falls on a group of adventurers who must confront Sir Darmus and put an end to his unexpected coup. They say he’s been hiding in the ruins of the Square Grand Temple. He must be stopped before the populace decides that the ruling class is useless and cannot protect them.

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