Pact of the Gambler

This homebrew subclass was created in 2018 and was being tested in a homebrew campaign until its premature ending in 2019. Unsatisfied with it I decided to continue play-testing and rebalancing. Through many player and monster deaths I reached this version of Pact of the Gambler. Don’t forget for this subclass you will need a complete 54 card deck with the jokers still in. I hope you enjoy this subclass and please leave any feedback and reviews as I will continue to update as necessary. Lastly, I would like to say thank you for viewing this and downloading, it is very much appreciated.

I want to say thank you to atanacossin and ttv/goosievg for their assistance with this project, from formatting to drafts and everything in between.

The Gambler is an elusive, shadowy figure that goes by many names. Reveling in chance, greed, and risk, the allure of the next high stake deal is what drives their power. Numbers and probabilities will dictate other’s decisions but not yours. Your indifference to this made you the perfect candidate to pass on the powers needed to acquire your greatest dreams. Being picked by The Gambler means you are unwittingly put through trials with minimal chances of success. They want to see if you are capable of living through the lows required to risk everything on a deal that can either win it all back or cost you even more. Appearing at your greatest moments to make them even sweeter or your darkest time to lend a hand, all they ask for is a simple game. The Gambler is always in ear shot when there is an opportunity for a game of chance and gambling.

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