Page Border Decorations (Heroes & Villains of the Old World)


HVotOW Stock Art Banner

This is a collection of 8 page border decorations to beautify your products!

They span a double-page spread (both DIN A4 and US letter format) and come in two versions: plain color and aged patina. Both types are vailable in PNG format. For easier color changes, the plain color versions are also included as InDesign files.

These page border decorations were originally created for Heroes & Villains of the Old World, a collection of 47 characters from European folklore and myth, ported to 5E with lore, lairs, stat blocks, and original art.

For this reason, all borders are themed to one broad European culture (but can, of course, be used in different contexts):

  • Arthurian & British

  • Dutch & German

  • Greek

  • Irish

  • Italian

  • Nordic

  • Portuguese

  • Slavic


You may freely use these page border elements, including your own modifications, in free or commercial products.

You must credit the original creator, Sven Truckenbrodt, by name.

You may not re-sell these page border elements or any of the assets contained within this purchase or any derivatives created from them.