Rewarding Rumors

Rewarding Rumors is a collection of (14) different mini-adventure guides. They are adapted from the Rumor cards used in the 1st edition of the DESCENT boardgame and each has a unique story as a springboard for adventure.

In that game (also set in the Terrinoth setting), after emerging from the dungeon and returning to town, the player characters could elect to spend some of their gold on “Rumors”. In narrative terms, this equated to buying a round of drinks in the local tavern to see what kind of information they could gather for future missions.

This same mini-story from the cards form the basis of each adventure in the “Narrative” part of each entry. However, this tome goes beyond the blurb to provide more information on possibilities to locate each mini-adventure, offer suggested foes, specific rewards, and many of the mini-adventures offer exciting twists called “The Catch” to keep PCs on their toes.

Click on the previews to see an example with the first entry: “The Cave of Time”!

Developed by veteran GM Chris Markham (as Gazrok Games), this is one of over two dozen titles already released for the Foundry and for the Terrinoth setting! Though this adventure is set in the world of Mennara, it can be converted for use in your own fantasy world. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Realms of Terrinoth sourcebook, and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product. The Expanded Players Guide is highly recommended, but not a necessity.

This product is produced by Fantasy Flight Games and is priced at $2.50


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