Royal Tower Battlemaps

Tower! Arrange it as you wish!

We named it the Royal Tower and designed it in a way you can easily set up the floors as you wish, as well as use it as a city building

This map pack comes with 7 floors and 2 empty variants (floor + roof). Every single floor is an unique battlemap, not a variation of a base one, so we wish you tons of fun in exploration. Will you duplicate your favorite floor? Have multiple kitchens or loads of premium wine from storage? Shoot any aerial peril with your mighty bolt throwers? It’s up to you! We made sure every floor is spacious and will fit in any campaign!

Enjoy climbing endless stairs!

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: 1120x1120px @ 70 DPI
Grid: 16×16 @ 70px
Variations: Storage, Kitchen, Prison Cells, Guest Rooms, War Room, Royal Room, Ballista Roof, Empty Floor and Empty Roof
Versions: Day and night

Total: 36 maps

This product is produced by Mikwewa and is priced at $6.99


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