Temple of Time


Temple of Time

Hommage Adventures are fantastic quests based on the most popular videogames, T.V. series, or movies. We have adapted all these to the world’s best roleplaying game

 Temple of Time is a 12th-level adventure inspired in the videogame The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

  The flashbacks continue and the Legend of Zelda Easter eggs are everywhere.

Travel to the past and prevent the destruction of the Temple of Time. Use the Sword of Time to vanquish The Black Sphere, the enemies of time. Come back to the present and fight to maintain order!

The adventure comes with descriptions for every area, stat block for the Guardian of Time the BBEG, tactics for every monster and encounter, and a new magic item, the Sword of Time!

I hope you enjoy using the map we made for this adventure. It’s fun to run!

Here are some stillshots of our product:

 1.jpg   2.jpg  3.jpg   4.jpg

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