The Big Book of Cats

The Big Book of Cats gives you everything you need to add some feline-inspired silliness to your D&D worlds.

This PDF includes:

  • 5 New Feline Pun Races
    • Akwaleo (Catfish): cruel and deceptive aquatic cats
    • Gattapi (Cat-erpillar): kind-hearted insectoid felines
    • Jollux (Fat Cat): big cats with heavy hearts and heavy hands
    • Nintagel (Cat of Nine Tails): clever, many-tailed cats 
    • Pardalot (Leap-ard): jumping, speedy felines
  • The Cosmic Cat Warlock Patron
    • become a sneaking, spying striker
  • 10 Cat-centric Magical Items
  • 5 New Elemental Cat Familiars

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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