The City of Varrava

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The steep cliffs surrounding the city have always offered protection to the city and the docks below. This safety allowed the city to grow into the trade center that it is today. 

In the southern part of the city lies the merchant district where all sorts of traders and vendors sell their goods. Many offer exotic items, weapons and food  from the jungles to the south. Others have brought goods from Rasfadal en Burbry.

To the east are the slums where many of the dockworkers live. It is a place that feels underappreciated and neglected, which is true to some degree. Constant struggles among the rulers of the city leave them very little time to care about the people that actually live there. 

The city is currently ruled by King Alfonte of the Estente dynasty, whose members are locked in an eternal struggle for influence and power. Leading members of the family are always keen to forge alliances and pacts that can help them overthrow the current head of the family to take their place, only to fall victim to the next coup. 

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