40×30 Battlemap – Beastmen’s Winter Camp

Beastmen’s Winter Camp

An icy creek meanders through the forested encampment of the Beastmen. Wooden barricades have been erected, skulls and bones mounted on their bloodied sharped ends. Tents made of furs and sewn skins sit around burned out camp fires.

A path leads up a rocky escarpment and over the small stream and to a shrine with a large skull, fires lit in it’s empty eyes. Cages hang from chains on the cliff face and more skulls have been mounted on pikes.

Adventure Seed

You return to the village to find it a complete warzone, doors have been hacked down and roofs have been set ablaze. Bloody patches and drag marks line the ground but, no bodies are to be found. Leading away from the village, you notice several footprints that appear to be human lead by other hooved marks.

If you search the village you may find two living children, a young girl and a teenage boy hiding in a secret crawl space under the floorboards of one of the houses, a woven rug covering it. Blood has drenched the floor and carpet above the small space, dripping down to cover the poor terrified girl.

If asked what happened, the teenage boy will explain the village was attacked while cradling his little sister who is still crying. Out of no where a band of men who were horribly deformed, having the heads of beasts and thick fur beset the village. Their parents told them to hide in the small space when the attack happened but there was no extra space for themselves.

What’s going on? A tribe of beastmen from within the darkest parts of the forest have awakened an evil spirit within the carved skull of an ancient beast. This spirit has been demanding sacrifices on the twelfth hour every night in order to be appeased or threatens bad omens upon the tribe. Because of this the beastmen have been raiding nearby towns for sacrifices, lest they sacrifice their own.

If you arrive in time you may be able to save the children parents and other townsfolk from their fate.

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