Baba Lysaga’s Encounter Essentials

Creators Venatus Maps and Printable Heroes have teamed up to provide essential tabletop content that will vastly improve your gameplay experience for the Baba Lysaga encounter as it’s described in the 5E Curse of Strahd module. All together, this product includes:

  • A 30×30 square map visualizing the Berez Marsh (in two color variants: muddy & spooky)
  • PNG files for 10 variants of the Creeping Hut to use as a dragable token as it moves about the map
  • A specific token for the Giant Skull the hag uses as a vehicle to similarly move about the map
  • An incredible miniature for Baba Lysaga herself, in both printable PDF and as a VTT token

Miniatures arrive in an easy-to-print PDF for use at the table or as circular VTT tokens so that they can be used exactly as you need them. Both miniatures and the PNG floors of the mill also arrive in Cutfile variations tailor made for use with a cutting machine.


This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $3.00


This is an affiliate post