Trivia Game: 5e rules

They say the hardest part of playing RPGs is scheduling the sessions.  If you have serveral people in your group, chances are that one of them is running late.  How do you reward the members who made it on time, without starting the adventure short-handed?

Tonight’s contestants:

  • A first-time player from work

  • A rules lawyer friend that you still know from high-school

  • And, our returning champion, your roommate’s sister playing over zoom

Our Trivia Game product is a simple grid of questions arranged by category and point value. You read the questions, and the players tell you “what is” the answer.

Our first set has 50 bits of D&D 5e rules trivia.  Source files are included for you to create new questions that interest you.


  • Simple game boards require no folding or gluing.

  • Each board has five questions and answers in each of five categories.

  • Cut out the included square covers, or use sticky notes.

  • Source files are in Google Spreadsheets for easy customization.

Game Night Advantages

  • Fill time with (a subset of) your group when you want to take a break or when you are waiting for stragglers.

  • Test your D&D knowledge and reward those players who know their stuff.

  • Use a contest of (trivial) knowledge to settle who is paying for the pizza this time.

  • Assert dominance over folks who did not sleep with sourcebooks under their pillow.

Trivia game board

It’s fun to roll dice
But you know what I like more?
Knowledge. Bookshelves-full.

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This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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