100 Castle & Stongolds vol.4

You need a castle or a fortress for your scenario, but you haven’t prepared anything? You need a stronghold that can be improvised quickly? This list is made for you!

This product includes 100 castles and strongholds that can be inserted in any location. Each entry includes :

  • the name of the castle
  • a possible rental
  • the garrison
  • the defenses of the castle
  • its current owner
  • an element of history

Compatible with all fancy RPGs

Sample results:

3. Pirate Bulwark – A calcareous rocks building located in landform of angular rock debris.
Garrison: 110 soldiers, 60 heavy warriors, 60 Arbalest.
Castle defenses: brestache, a barbican, 3 guardian statues.
Owner: Kardielle Shadowmane, a delightful weapon master. The building is at war with village of Prynesse.


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