100 Stargazer Kinfolk

The strength of the wolf is the pack, and this is the truth that has led the Garou Nation to so many victories over the centuries. Lone wolves are a rarity, and even rarer still are those who thrive without a pack the safeguard them. The Stargazers, though, are that rarity; werewolves who walk a path of balance, and who often remain apart from the affairs of the world around them. Philosophers and sages, these unusual hermits possess great wisdom that their cousins can rarely hear over the constant beating of the drums of war.

While there are fewer garou of this tribe now than at nearly any time in history, the Stargazers’ kinfolk carry on the legacy and ideals of their tribe. Scholars and teachers, warriors and leaders, the Stargazers may no longer consider themselves a part of the Garou Nation, but they are both still fighting the same fight.

Find herein 100 NPCs for your campaign at your fingertips!

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