2400: ALT

You can get anything in Alpha Centauri — even a new body. But with freedom from death and plug-and-play memories, strange new risks arise. As a CTRL agent, that’s where you come in. You’ll get a new body if you die — maybe even an extra “alt” sleeve to boost your efficiency — but you’d better save up if you don’t want whatever (or whoever) they’ve got lying around.

ALT is a super-slim, self-contained, lo-fi sci-fi RPG about uplift, AI, and clone operatives troubleshooting crises in a world without death. It’s inspired by Altered Carbon and Eclipse Phase, and built with the same rules as the free 24XX SRD. It’s 3 pages and a cover, fitting on two sides of a letter-sized page.

What is 2400? 2400 is lo-fi sci-fi. It’s centuries in the future, and it’s a decades-old modem that screams like a dying robot when it connects to the net. It’s a space ship with an FTL drive, artificial gravity, and a flickering display you gotta tap a few times to see the jump coordinates. It’s hacking something together with whatever cheap materials you have on hand, ignoring the rules until you need them, banging out something that might not sound finished, but definitely sounds fun. It’s a series of micro RPGs that might all be in the same setting, unless they aren’t.

Cover art is CC BY BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann)

This product is produced by Pretendo and is priced at $2.00


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