408 The Execrated Mausoleum

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This short dungeon-crawl adventure is about a valuable family heirloom and magic item in a family mausoleum. The described item is a magical sword but it can be replaced by any important campaign item or a tome of priceless content. The object’s evil influence over the bodily remains in the underground complex has caused some of them to become undead. This is a tier 1 adventure.

The Darlee family is no more. They used to be one of the wealthiest estates in the area for generations. It all came to an untimely end thirty years ago when the kingdom went to war. Lord Darlee died in battle as well as three of his sons. The only remaining male heir died a few months later from a chronic disease and that was the end of their family name.

The loot is there ready for plucking. But the undead guardians in the tomb will see that no mortals escape alive from their underground lair!

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