Circle Of The Harvest: A D&D 5e Druid Circle

The harvest is a time of plenty and celebration in most communities. Particularly rural communities. It is amoung these places that a Circle of the Harvest Druid would be most at home. Crops coming in from the fields and being shared amoung the residents. If a Druid dedicated to this circle is in the area then the land is guaranteed to yield a great bounty. This bountiful harvest is usually followed by a celebration where everyone eats together and parcels of food will be distributed to all those in the community.

This is the true nature of the Harvest Druid, to ensure all those around them benefit from the bounty of the earth and ensure not a soul, great or small, goes unnourished.


This circle is designed for players that want to be a powerful boon to their allies with special abilities focused on providing assistance to them both in combat and in those long periods in between.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.32


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