Expanded Armor Manual


Wraith Wright's Expanded Armor Manual


author of the MITHRAL Best-Selling Comprehensive Manuals,

comes this full excerpt of armor from that weighty tome.


This book gives players a wealth of new weapons to make characters truly unique.

For players, it expands the armor selection of the Player’s Handbook, adding

missing armor profiles, armor properties added by masterwork crafting,

and special materials to give armor suits unique benefits.


For Dungeon Masters, this book makes NPCs look memorable, and cool at

a glance. It also gives the party something interesting and useful to spend

gold on in that intermediate stage before magic armor become affordable!


The Expanded Armor Manual is the last armor supplement you will ever need.

In addition to new options, historic illustrator Seth A Graham beautifully illustrates dozens of

items you will find here, both the old and the new. Ever wonder what a gorget really looks like?

This tome lets you examine and compare the look of all your character’s armaments.


Chapter 0

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3