Mangrels ATE My Servants!!

Introduce Dungeon Crawl Classics characters to the cosmos with this incredible funnel! Hired to infiltrate the factory of industrialist Seraphina von Elrich, the party will come into contact with A BRAIN-ROTTING PLANT FROM BEYOND THE STARS, MAN-EATING MANGRELS, and ALL MANNERS OF VILE ANDROID in this science fiction adventure.

This adventure was written by Fiona Geist, edited by Tyler Crumrine, and has cover art by Michael Bukowski. Layout was done by Glynn Seal; interior art was done by Penny Melgarejo, Alec Sorensen, Bradley K. McDevitt, Wind Lothamer, and Joshua Burnett; the back cover illustration was done by Alain Gruetter.

This product is produced by Apollyon Press and is priced at $7.00


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