The Hammerhock Slaughterhouse

This huge complex of pens, barns, and abattoirs
is the largest slaughterhouse and knackery in
Baldur’s Gate. Located in the Stonyeyes
neighbourhood so as to be convenient to the
city’s butchers, the facility has a generally
adversarial relationship with neighbouring
establishments, as other herders and hustlers
claim the omnipresent smell of blood makes their animals
nervous. Yet it’s the citizens themselves who should be
nervous, for the slaughterhouse recently came under new
management. Seeking to spread fear and chaos, cultists of
the Dead Three have infiltrated the slaughterhouse and
begun murdering people across the city,each murder varies
in methods but the only connecting thread is that each body
has a curved slice of flesh cut out of each of their wrists and a
puncture wound through the heart. These murders have
already caused quite a stir throughout the outer and lower
districts, no one in the upper has been killed yet. The
Populous has already made the assumption that this is a
singular supernatural killer that stalks the night and have
dubbed them as the Butcher of Baldur. There are two fresh
murders that need to be investigated one in the outer city and
one in the lower city. Pasque Enrial, a Deaths Head of
Bhaal, is the cult’s mastermind. He engineered the death of
the slaughterhouse’s former owner so that be could take over,
figuring that constant blood, offal, and animal screams would
provide a suitable cover for the cult’s murderous activities.
Since then, he’s been slowly laying off existing workers and
replacing them with cultists loyal to the group’s mission.
Assisting him are Corian Khee, A Black Gauntlet of Bane
who spends days crushing livestock skulls with a massive
hammer and nights leading the cult’s murderous field
operations, and Jaemus Exheltarion, a half-elf Master of
Souls. Of the three, Jaemus is the least convincing in his role
as the slaughterhouse’s new accountant, as he greets
customers with an eerie stare, openly reads strange-looking
tomes. and spends entirely too much time in the cult’s trophy
locker, a cold-storage facility where he’s using pieces
harvested from victims and livestock to construct a pig
headed flesh golem.
how to use this adventure
This is a murder mystery style adventure that ranges from 2-
3 level. It Replace the intro to Baldures Gate: Descent into
Avernus it replaces the railroady feel of the original intro with

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