Vathak 5e Adventures – A Night at Wayside Inn

From the Patreon of Fat Goblin Games devoted to all things horror, come Vathak 5e Adventures! Each chilling adventure brings your gothic survival horror fantasy role-playing to life, making it easy for Game Masters to quickly jump in and scare the players! 

An adventure for 7th-10th Level Characters set in the Shadows over Vathak 5e campaign setting using the world’s most popular role-playing game rules!

All is not as it appears at this charming roadside tavern. What an adventuring party may perceive as a welcome respite from the wilderness is really a den of iniquity determined
to feed on their life experiences, leaving them at best weakened and at worst… well we simply won’t discuss the worst as our heroes will hopefully do as heroes should and rid the world of this tainted evil architecture once and for all! Right?!

Welcome to the Wayside Inn! A seemingly innocent tavern of misfortune and mischief that preys upon the occasional traveler. Nearly always found amidst a deluge of poor weather or nestled along paths where roads are long and adventurers are desperately weary, this restless piece of architecture is the perfect mini-adventure to break the monotony of long treks.

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This product is produced by Fat Goblin Games and is priced at $2.95


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