Vathak 5e Adventures – The Shrine of St. Mina of the Dust

From the Patreon of Fat Goblin Games devoted to all things horror, come Vathak 5e Adventures! Each chilling adventure brings your gothic survival horror fantasy role-playing to life, making it easy for Game Masters to quickly jump in and scare the players! 

An adventure for four 1st through 3rd level  Characters set in the Shadows over Vathak 5e campaign setting using the world’s most popular role-playing game rules!

The Shrine of St. Mina of the Dust has stood as a testament to time and the legacy of a long-dead noble family. When those long-dead rose as undead, clerics from the goodly gods rose to hold them back, and once more peace settled on the shrine. 

That is, until a pack of deep ones, hungry and cranky, stumbled across the shrine. Now the shrine lays dormant, its protectors defeated. That is until you came along…

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This product is produced by Fat Goblin Games and is priced at $2.95


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